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A few words about myself.... My name is Martin Maria Weimer and I was born in Limburg/Lahn in Germany. I have studied English, Geography, Pedagogics and Catholic Theology at the Johannes Gutenberg University at Mainz/Rhine. During my studies I taught as an assistant teacher in Boston/Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. Following my teacher training I did research work in Irish history at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. After teaching German to remigrants from Poland and a short period of unemployment I followed a course for consultants for computers and telecommunication. I then moved from Elz/Westerwald, the village I spend my youth, to Nuremberg/Bavaria. Since 1992 I work at the headquarters of the Federal Employment Service in Nuremberg in the field of new technologies for national and transnational careers guidance. I am married and we have two children and live in Altdorf near Nuremberg.

Ethnic stereotypes, international relations and religion

In 1993 I published my thesis The image of the Irish and of Ireland in 'Punch' 1841-1921: Structural analysis of the Hibernian heterostereotype of the English satirical periodical, presented on the basis of caricatures and texts. The English book review a reading sample on 'Pigs and potatoes' and a selection of cartoons - 'Stereotyping pugnacy by example of coat-trailing' and 'Simianization as a form of de-humanization' as well as the grahical synopsis of the findings may perhaps give you an idea of the scope and findings of the research work.

Apart from scientific research above all personal encounters with people from national, ethnic and religious minoritities and experiences as a teacher roused my interest in national prejudices and stereotyping in general and in the following topics in particular:

National stereotypes and ethnopaulisms (from Greek "paulizein", to make smaller, or "cut them down") have a long historical tradition and have been more or less extensively and consciously used by many people. Despite the promotion of tolerance and the widening of perception by travel and trade, some of the prejudices are still virulently alive and influence everyday politics - just to think of the 'Troubles' in Northern Irleland. Fortunately, open violence seems to have come to a close, but to overcome deeply ingrained prejudices there functioning must be made conscious to the public, in the classroom as well as in the media.
An interesting institution in this context is INCORE, the initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity, a joint initiative of the University of Ulster at Coleraine and the United Nations University, whose server offers world-wide internet resources for academic researchers as well as for policy-makers and practitioners in mediation.

I would be glad to get into contact with oher people doing research work in this field or simply being interested in any of these topics. I would very much appreciate hints and bibliographical references. Two of the leading specialists in Victorian cartoon and anti-Irish prejudice, R.N. Lebow L.P.Curtis regretted that my thesis was not written in English. Therefore, I would be very pleased about any hint to find a sponsor for an English translation of a revised and possibly abridged version of it. Please feel free to drop me a line (see below).

Religious fanaticism and perverted confessionalism played and plays an important part in the Northern Ireland conflict but it can also unite people in basic values. I consider religion (from Latin "'religio", binding, that is to say the transcendental reference of a restricted and transitory being to a divine and eternal existence) as an essential, though often ignored and suppressed dimension of human nature. That is why I join a thematical and commented link list on Faith and Church on the Internet (Linkliste Glaube und Kirche im Internet, most of the well over 2000 links arranged under 36 handy categories are in German, but some also in English and French). Have a look at them - also under the he aspect of "pre-judice". I would appreciate any constructive feed-back.

Some of my interests beside history are photography (see Transitoriness, Vergänglichkeit, a series of photographs in black and white) and webpublishing (see Webtec a series of scripts on webpublishing and internet research.

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First published: 29.09.1996
Last updated: 05.02.2006